For months now, I've been puzzled by our cowpats. As you might imagine with 20+ head of cattle, we get a lot of the things, dotted fairly uniformly around the place, and they gradually seem to disappear. But I'd noticed that after a while of sitting there in their initial, very sloppy, "fresh" state, once dried out a bit, something appears to come along and rip holes in them. I had assumed crows, pecking at them looking for grubs or worms, until one evening when on an evening walk with the dogs, my torch beam picked up a badger scurrying from one pat to the next, picking out the living creatures from each one for his or her evening meal. Badgers get a bad press amongst the farming community, because of their apparent links to TB in cattle, but I've not been a fan of the idea of culling them - perhaps because Hoo's Herd is lucky enough to be in an area of low TB, or perhaps because I don't see how effective a cull would actually be, with my preference being to vaccinate badgers or cattle or both, as soon as vaccines can be developed or efficiently deployed. So it is nice to see badgers providing this farmer with a service, in the form of garbage removal!