We've recently bought with friends some more land at the other end of the village, or more precisely on the edge of Nettleden - a 41 acre section of the Golden Valley and I'm convinced that the stunning scenery will make a difference to the meat quality! All our edible beef stock (or "finishers" as I think they are known in the farming business) are down there, ranging from heifer number 23, the oldest and therefore next for the table, down to the 5 born within the last 12 months. That leaves our breeding stock and their soon-to-be offspring (see below) up at Little Gaddesden in Hoo's Field and the neighbouring field. Bring on the spring grass!

And we're expanding in another way, with 22 ewes ready to pop within the next 2-4 weeks - hopefully as easily/"low touch" as last year - and 5 out of our 6 cows confirmed as pregnant too, due between April and July we think.