Hoo's Herd was invited to give a talk to the Gaddesden Society last week, about our farming activities - or perhaps more precisely, what on earth possessed the three of us to start in farming, given that we all have taxing day jobs. It fell to me (Matthew) to give the talk, and the audience numbered some 40 or so - all living in or near the village. I didn't detect any heads nodding, and there were a number of questions at the end, so whilst it was 45 minutes of "jaw jaw" from me, with some photos, I don't *think* it was "bore bore" for them - but then people can be very polite in these circumstances!

Fergus and I had expected criticism about "bolshy bulls" or the amount of mud we're creating in the locality, but whilst there was a comment or two in that direction, it was good to see people being realistic that this winter has been one of the wettest on record - and lots of people were very happy to see animals restored to what have been near-empty fields for years.

To finish off proceedings, Becca cooked a topside and a stew, keeping both relatively plain in flavourings so that our "old-fashioned" beef taste could shine through. The comments were very complimentary so hopefully we have persuaded a few more people to take an interest in what we're doing. There's certainly plenty to go around!

Below is a scan of the poster that was drawn up (the picture is by a local artist whose name escapes me), and if you would like to know more about the village and its activities, including those of the august body known as the Gaddesden Society, please go to www.littlegaddesden.com