We ended up with 31 lambs from 22 ewes - less prolific than last year, but about a third of the ewes were first-timers, so to be expected we believe. All bar one are frolicking around in the field with their mums, ballooning before our very eyes. Great fun to watch.

The one that is not frolicking around is "Rambo", our abandoned ram lamb mentioned in an earlier post, who has taken up residence with us, spending his nights in the garage in a crate, and his days under an apple tree in a little pen - when he is not running around the garden playing with the dogs or making himself at home in our kitchen or in the dogs' bed! Once he is weaned, he'll earn his keep mowing the lawn, but in the meantime, he has given us a lot of fun with his antics, and even after 3 weeks or so, he's more obedient than the dogs, and already starting to hold his own in their more boisterous play - headbutting being his favoured response to any over-the-top rough-and-tumble. Interestingly - he is not as big as the other lambs, so he's either a runt or the litre of artificial milk he gets through each day is not as good quality as real milk from a ewe! I still find it amazing how sheep and cattle can turn mundane grass into the meat and milk that graces are tables as well as offspring, but comparing Rambo to his siblings is a reminder of how well-tuned Mother Nature is in this regard.