Some of you might recall from earlier in the year that we bottle-fed a ram lamb after his mother rejected him (the kids called him Rambo). Once weaned, he lived for a while in the garden, but he preferred the raspberry canes to eating the lawn, and after trying repeatedly to sneak into the kitchen to "snuggle" on the sofa, we had to move him into the field at the bottom of the garden.

The unforeseen consequence of his unusual upbringing is that he doesn't think he's a sheep, and prefers the company of our dogs (and us). Unlike Wallace the Ram (Rambo's Dad) who, when not with his ladies, is happy to hang out with the cattle with whom they share the field, Rambo keeps himself to himself - he doesn't seem to have any trace of a "flock" instinct. But whenever we take the dogs for a walk around the livestock, Rambo likes to tag along, hopping and jumping with obvious joy to be once more amongst "his own". This can be unnerving for visitors (particularly their dogs!), but even in the face of more aggressive dogs, Rambo more than holds his own, responding with a head butt if the jostling gets out of hand. And once the walk is over, albeit after a couple of sorrowful baas at the gate, Rambo seems content to go back to his solitary lifestyle - although our kids are always trying to sneak him back into the garden as they think he's lonely!