Firstly - apologies for being less than communicative on this blog for the last 2 months. Holidays were part of the reason, but also at times it's simply been quicker and easier to send updates on Facebook and Twitter (@hoosherd). Anyhow - here's a recap for those who have (perhaps sensibly) managed to resist the allure of social media:

 - the snows of late March claimed a sickly ewe and her unborn lambs. Our only casualty of what was a particularly nasty winter.
 - calf #10 born mid-April to Amy, another girl (heifer).
 - lambing took place the second half of April: 24 lambs from 14 ewes, another no-touch birthing process at least as far as us humans were concerned
 - we took some 8 lambs to slaughter and distributed those as half-lamb packs to people who had expressed an interest. Lean but tasty meat.
 - the young and non-breeding cattle were moved to fresh pasture down in Nettleden to fatten them up (and to move the females away from the attentions of Norman the Bull!)
 - fields harrowed and grass finally growing thanks to the plentiful moisture and warmer temperatures (albeit still at times unseasonably cool!).
 - calf #11 (the third of this year) born 1st May to the teenager from last year. A boy calf for once.
 - we took a couple of cattle to slaughter, 1 destined for Nathan at The Butchery Ltd in Bermondsey (a specialist in rare breed, high welfare meat), and 1 destined for our own customers. Nathan seems very happy with the end product, and we're expecting our one back from the butchers later this week.
 - we've agreed to supply the Little Gaddesden Village Shop, so watch out for signs advertising our meat later this week.

So busy times!